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We are a team of artists focused on modern effortless and romantic styles with radiant glowing skin designed to wear through laughs, smiles, and tears all-while authentically creating unforgettable memories with our clients. 

We take pride in providing an outstanding bridal experience with our artistry skills and reputable quality of service. Trusting our team to enhance your natural beauty and create unforgettable memories on one of the most important days of your life is an honour and we strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way. We understand how planning a wedding can be intense, and we hope our expertise will allow us to ease any stress of finding the perfect bridal beauty team for your wedding day. 

Here you will find a bit about us and why we care so much about making every bride look - and feel - beautiful.


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Our business name is inspired by my grandmother named Lolita. Her sense of glamor and elegance inspired me as a young girl eager to grow and I can’t lie when I say she was one of the reasons why I started working in the beauty industry; as we would always spend quality time getting dolled up for any occasion. She sure knows true style when she sees it.

Creating personalized experiences for each client who sit on our chair is what we pride ourselves in, and we aim to provide a stress-free environment to make sure your day is filled with ease.

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Seven years ago Via began to focus on the thing she loves the most which is wedding hair & makeup artistry. After achieving a business degree overseas she returned to Vancouver BC to complete the Makeup Artistry Program at John Casablancas Institute. Via’s warm and bubbly personality will leave you with an unforgettable memory and heartwarming feeling to remember for years to come. She will ensure you leave her makeup and hair chair looking flawless, with a look that will last throughout the day on one of the most important days of your life.

Hair and makeup artist

Hair and makeup artist

Linda is a professional hair and makeup artist who obtained her makeup artistry diploma form Blanche Macdonald Centre. Trained in all aspects of Makeup: Beauty, Fashion, Bridal, Airbrushing, TV and Film, Special FX, prosthetics and hair styling. 

"It is always a lot of joy and happiness on a wedding day. I enjoy creating different makeup and hair styles for brides. Especially when the hair and makeup done, dress is on... that moment when the bride is in front of mirror, they look so pretty and excited! I am happy for them and happy for making them feel and look amazing!"

Ting graduated from Blanche Macdonald in 2015, specializing in bridal, fashion, tv and film. She is passionate about the art of makeup and particularly loves playing with colours. Her skills and experience are diverse in different skin tones, facial features and hair types. Ting also likes to design and create a variety of hairstyles.

The other reason Ting enjoys her career so much is because she is always meeting new people. She loves to talk and share stories, especially at weddings where she gets to share her client’s happiness and joy. It is an honour to be a part of a person’s special day and help make them feel truly wonderful about themselves.

Hair and makeup artist

Decca began her journey as a makeup & hair artist in Canada's No. 1 makeup institution, Blanche MacDonald Centre. Her goal is to enhance people's natural beauty, make them feel good about themselves, and help bring out their confidence - to bloom! 

The smiles from her clients after she finishes her job, is the reason why she loves doing what she does. She also loves to learn about new techniques to further develop her skills so that she can provide the best services to her clients.

Hair and makeup artist

Hey, I’m Joylynne!
I am a professional makeup artist located in Vancouver, BC. I graduated from Canada’s top makeup school Blanche Macdonald in 2019 with a Freelance Makeup Artistry certificate. I have been glamming many faces that include brides, bridesmaids, grad students and clients for their special events. I have curated quite a collection of handpicked, safe and well-loved products for my client makeup kit. I am all about customized eyebrows, lashes and everything in-between. I look forward to working with you!

makeup artist

Sarah began her career in 2016 when she attended the world-renowned makeup school, Blanche MacDonald Centre graduating from the Global Makeup Program. 

She has the desire to help women embrace their natural beauty and create their own unique style. The feeling of helping others to be the best version of themselves is what makes her love her job so much.

hair and makeup artist

Sarah began her career in 2016 when she attended the world-renowned makeup school, Blanche MacDonald Centre graduating from the Global Makeup Program. 

She has the desire to help women embrace their natural beauty and create their own unique style. The feeling of helping others to be the best version of themselves is what makes her love her job so much.

hair and makeup artist

It’s been 8 years since I started working in the industry. Makeup has always been a passion of mine. I specialize in bridal makeup and hair. I have always believed everyone is unique and pretty in their own way. It is my honour to be able to enhance that natural beauty on every client and help to bring special moments even more memorable! 

hair and makeup artist

Tiffany started her journey as a makeup artist back in 2019. Her passion for makeup though has been there ever since she was young. She really enjoyed spending countless hours watching YouTube videos and then experimenting with makeup on herself. She was always the go to person to help her friends with their makeup and hair for big life events like the prom and the graduation ceremony.

A few years ago, she helped with makeup on the day of one of her best friends wedding, and saw it as an opportunity to spread her passion. She signed up for the Freelance Makeup Artist program at Blanche Macdonald instantly. Now she loves helping the bride and bridal squad feeling beautiful on the most special day!

hair and makeup artist

Corinna has been a makeup artist for 5 years now; she has a passion for making people feel beautiful in their own skin and enhancing their natural beauty! Her favourite things to work on are big life events like graduations, weddings, events and maternity photos. “There’s something so special about being there for someone on their special day to make
them feel their absolute best!”
Corinna started her makeup career at Sephora where she worked for 4.5 years, it was then that she learnt that she has a passion for makeup and making her clients feel confident in their own skin.

makeup artist

Maddie began her makeup journey back in 2017. Makeup was her hobby that turned to passion when a couple of her friends asked her to do their makeup for a wedding. She took this as a sign and enrolled in a Makeup Artistry Program in VCC. 

Bridal clients started to approach her the same year as well. She realized that being a makeup artist for big events like weddings is a huge privilege. Clients reached out to her because they trust her work. She makes sure that each client that leaves on her makeup chair is happy and satisfied with her work. 

hair and makeup artist

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